Second Hand

Used cross cut paper shredder or second hand of it. This is the right choice to buy not new for this product?

Buying a second hand product, is good for some people who expert or some people who always ask about this and that before they pay for the second hand product. But if you are not an expert in this product or you too shy to ask much question, buying a second hand cross cut paper shredder is a disaster.

Because there are some people who buy this thing in brand new condition for shredder suppliers, sometimes their had a problem to use it. Malfunction machine, such as jamming is a nightmare for all who must use this shredder.

Open your eyes and browse what people said about paper shredder. Even in a big online store in united states, I read the review from them who bought it from there. They said jamming in first use, and this machine is a crap.
Can you believe it, brand new product, first time use and it's broken.

But this also a good chance for expert in cross cut paper shredder to show up. Open an used paper shredder with a good quality and cheap price is a solution for all. Mean the expert as seller will have profit from there, and noobs also have a profit which they are able to use that without jamming problem.

Used cross cut paper shredder is a new opportunities for they who know and have a will to do some innovation.