Short Story

Cross Cut Paper Shredder is shredder use two contra rotating drums to cut rectangular, parallelogram or diamond shaped shreds.

Paper shredder it self is credited to prolific invertor Abbot Augustus Low of Horseshoe, located on the Western shore of horseshoe lake in Pricefield New York. With his patent for a waste paper receptacle to offer an improved method of disposing of waste paper was filled on February 2, 1909 and received U.S Patent number 929.960 on August 31, 1909. Low's invention was never manufactured.

Thanks to some people who build a manufacturers company such as : Fellowes, Aurora, ShredderShark, Royal Machine, Homedics, Black & Decker and First Alert. Also other brands that build the cross cut paper shredder machine around the world. So, us who lifes today can enjoy the function of this machine.

Paper shredder is not only have cut cross. There are several types of paper shredder such as : Strip cut, cross cut, particle cut, cardboard, disintegrators, hammermills, pierce and tear and grinders. They also have security level of paper shredder for more secure paper shredding.